About Us: Mission, Vision, Values


Our vision is to be the best flooring company in Northern California. We will take pride in every job and provide the highest quality installation and customer satisfaction in our industry.



Anderson Carpet & Linoleum Sales, Co., Inc. is a progressive and successful business enterprise. We are one of the largest family owned carpet and linoleum companies in the Bay Area and have been in business since 1954. One of our greatest accomplishments is staff recruitment and retention. There are many individuals that began 30 year careers with us through the Union, remaining valued Anderson Carpet & Linoleum employees beyond their retirement dates.



  • Integrity
  • Family
  • Loyalty
  • Community
  • Team-work

The culture of our firm remains very people focused, community oriented and environmentally aware. We plan to continue our growth programs, maintaining the quality standards, competitive value pricing and applying the corporate values originally established by Chris Christophe. We invite you to become our partners and discover exactly what our motto “A reputation you can stand on” means.

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